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Being the nearest cross-border neighbours, Gmina Plaska and Lazdijai District Municipality aim to cooperate. One of the cross-border cooperation fields is cooperation in a joint tourism, in particular ecological, and development of activities to promote environmental, recreational and cultural tourism in the border region. Lithuanian - Polish border region is rich in tourism resources – plenty of water bodies, cultural and outdoor attractions. There are many countryside tourism houses. But ...

Dusia lake

„Dusia lake“ Dusia lake is located in the Meteliai regional park, 1 km to the southwest of Meteliai village. It is the largest lake of Meteliai regional park and the thirdlargest in Lithuania. The lake has the following dimensions: width 2334 ha, depth 32,6 m, shoreline 22 km. Sites to be visited: The Chapel of Crosses stands atop a hill on the southwestern shore of Dusia lake, between the villages of Sutrė and Staigūnai. Only the foundations of one chapel remain. Adjacent ...

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